Putting together a hospital bed Putting together a hospital bed Putting together a hospital bed Putting together a hospital bed


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Our Services

* Hospitals, Clinics, and Homes maintenance services
* Sales and Rentals of Refurbish hopital beds and stretchers
* Storage space for hospitals and clinics
* Replacement of hospital bed casters

Maintenance & Repair

Magna Medical Equipment Corp. provides maintenance and repair services all over the United States. All repairs are completed by a certified technician and all parts replace have a one year warranty. Call today for a quote.

How to Buy

If you are interested in buying one of our products, you can call or email us. We will provide you with a quote in less then 24 hours.

Get to Know us and the Products

Hospital Beds and Stretchers

Magna Medical Equipment Corporation provides a broad selection of refurbished hospital beds, refurbished hospital stretchers, refurbished birthing beds, refurbished ICU beds and more. We sell and rent hospital beds and strectchers from the top leading manufacture brands out there which are: Stryker, Hill-Rom, and Midmark. We believe that our customer deserve the best quality and innovated products there is to offer; therefore, we go to the extend to make sure our products are fully functional, safe and meets every aspect of our customers’ needs.

Stryker Beds and Stretchers

Stryker is a well know company who has being in the medical business for over 70 years. It’s a well trusted company for the efficiency and innovation of their hospital beds and stretchers. They create the best equipment to meet the requirements of any hospital or home needs.

Hill-Rom Beds and Stretchers

Hill-Rom is a leading medical supplier of hospital beds and stretchers. Their goal is to meet the patient’s needs. They have being on the business over 80 years, and their experience assures the quality of their products design.

Midmark Stretchers

Midmark is also a well-known manufacturer of hospital stretchers and other products. They go above and beyond to provide innovative solutions and quality equipment; therefore, enabling healthcare professionals to deliver efficient patient care.